Farva - lvl 5


Health Potion - 10 left
Regain full hitpoints & ends turn.
Mana Rejuvenation - 8 left
Regain full mana & ends turn.

Farmer Zombie Bob - lvl 3

HP: 12/14

Enemies left before the King: 6

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Knight of the Living Dead

Choose the name of your hero

When the dead rise, kings will fall

Time to take the throne from the mortal King. Battle his minions on your way to the final confrontation. If you die, he wins. Survive!

DAMAGE is determined randomly from your weapon's damage range.

ARMOR negates this much damage from every hit.

ACCURACY is the % chance you’ll hit.

SKILLS are abilities you can activate during battle.

DODGE is the % chance you’ll dodge a hit.

Level 1 Perk (choose one)

You've also gained hitpoints and mana points.

You've died!

You've won - King !

Taking the thrown in only turns.

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Knight of the Living Dead dreamed up by Dan Pitrowiski (with many thanks)
Thanks to CartoonSmart's character designs, kelvin-oh89 for my ending, PvZ for music, and Blizzard for music and sound effects.